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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chocolate Creams

In Grammy's recipe box I found a handwritten recipe for "Chocolate Creams".

They seemed simple enough. But as I have discovered with many of the recipes in the box, the measurements on the ingredients are a bit vague--like exactly how much confectioners' sugar goes into the "cream" to make it a stiff paste. As Hubby pointed out, one was probably supposed to learn how to make it from watching someone else do it again and again. So I had to experiment a bit and tweak a little.

This is a direct transcription of the recipe (I did some tweaking that I'll note after):
Chocolate Creams 
1 egg white 
2 T cold water  
Confectioners sugar (powdered sugar) 
6 drops flavoring 
1/4 lb. sweet chocolate
Beat the egg and water together only til mixed; add the sugar til the ingredients form a stiff paste (about 1-1 1/2 cups). Work in flavoring with sugar; then form into small balls. Grate the chocolate and put in a cup over hot water to melt. Dip the balls into it one at a time; using a fork for the dipping. Lay separately on waxed paper and, if necessary, dip a second time.
Now for my tweaks and tips:
  • It took more than 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar to create a paste that could be rolled. I just kept adding until it was stiff enough then rolled the centers using powdered sugar to keep it from sticking.
  • All the recipe says is "6 drops of flavoring". I used almond extract AND vanilla as a flavoring and it took way more than just 6 drops to fit my taste.
  • I used semi-sweet chocolate chips but I think that next time I'll use an even darker chocolate since the centers are so sweet that the darker chocolate would work. It took more than only a 1/4 lb. to have a deep enough bowl of dipping chocolate. Once I had a deep enough reservoir the dipping was really easy with a fork, and it only took one dip to coat the centers nice and thick.
  • I suppose you could flavor the centers with about anything that you can think of. You could even color the center paste to make it different too.
  • These need to be kept refrigerated (especially in warmer weather). I had some little Wilton's treat bags that I packaged them in to give away to friends.
Waiting for the chocolate to cool and harden

The results were decadent candy delights that feel "sinful" to even have in the kitchen. Hubby did try some of the "oops" candies and deemed them officially "sinful" in every way that a chocolate-covered almond and vanilla flavored sugar-paste ball can be. Of course I had to taste as I mixed to get the flavoring just right.  The tasting alone gave me a sugar buzz that I was still feeling as I typed up my notes over an hour later.

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